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One of the most vexing challenges many businesses face is how to grow. Dr. Philippe Bouissou's talk introduces a new universal, simple, prescriptive methodology to grow any business. This new way of cutting the Gordian growth knot emerged from Dr. Bouissou's discovery a few years ago. The breakthrough came from earning his Ph.D. in non-linear physics in chaos theory, working directly for Steve Jobs at Apple, and learning valuable lessons from his time as a successful Venture Capitalist. That discovery profoundly changed how he looks at any business and how he changes its growth trajectory.


  • Philippe Bouissou (CEO of Blue Dots Partners, LLC)

    Philippe Bouissou

    CEO of Blue Dots Partners, LLC


    Best-selling author of Aligning the Dots, TEDx speaker, growth expert, venture capitalist, CEO, entrepreneur, Dr. Philippe Bouissou has lived and worked in Silicon Valley for 33 years.

    He founded and ran G2i, Inc., a Unix software company, and later Apple’s eCommerce business and grew its revenue from zero to $350 million under Steve Jobs (generated over $55 billion in 2022). Inspired from his time with Steve Jobs, Philippe's accomplishments continued to skyrocket, including investing $43 million as a venture capitalist with double-digit returns. Philippe served on 23 Boards of Directors and led over 210 management-consulting projects. He is currently the CEO of Blue Dots Partners, LLC, a Palo Alto-based management consulting firm dedicated to helping businesses grow faster.

    Philippe graduated from the prestigious École Normale Supérieure in Paris and holds a BS in Mathematics, a MS in Physics and a Ph.D. in non-linear physics in chaos theory.

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