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Naturally North Bay Human Resources Forum

How to Inspire Accountability While Improving Burnout

Tuesday, March 21st at 12:00pm - 1:00pm

The last few years created new levels of burn out, fatigue, and pressure to improve self-care.

Employees are struggling and "quiet quitting" (or just quitting) as companies re-emerge with a greater push for results. In this climate, the "do more/try harder" accountability approach only adds to burnout and sends employees out the door.

Naturally North Bay welcomes Elaina Noell back to share some of her newest Inspiring Accountability tools to get better results in ways that lift people up while helping make work (and life) more manageable.

In this 60-minute workshop, we'll:

1. Explore the relationship between burnout and accountability, and what's possible to improve both

2. Learn your default traditional accountability style and how different styles contribute to burnout for both leaders and employees

3. Learn actionable tools to move towards inspiring accountability to make accountability supportive instead of punitive


  • Elaina Noell (Founder & Principal of Inspiring Accountability)

    Elaina Noell

    Founder & Principal of Inspiring Accountability


    Elaina Noell is the founder and principal of Inspiring Accountability in the Workplace, providing employee engagement and leadership training, consulting and coaching.

    She is also a certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming coach. This modality updates the subconscious brain’s associations and response patterns to allow clients to more effortlessly have what they want.

    Elaina uses her expertise in human dynamics to offer modern, brain-based leadership tools and strategies.

    Elaina’s second book, Inspiring Accountability in the Workplace, contains her best tools and resources to unlock the brains secrets to inspiring employee engagement, accountability, and results.

    Elaina is based in San Francisco and works with companies all over the world to bring strategy to their accountability approach to inspire greater results while maintaining employee engagement and retention.

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